teenSMART Student ID

What ID do I need to access teenSMART? »

Where do I find my Student ID? »

Why is the Student ID important? »

Where do I enter the Student ID in teenSMART? »

What do I do if I lose my Student ID Code? »

teenSMART Requirements

What are the teenSMART program requirements? »

Downloading, Installation & Use

How do l download teenSMART? »

I am having trouble downloading teenSMART. »

How do I install teenSMART? »

Installing from the Download »

Installing from a DVD »

How do I run teenSMART? »

I entered incorrect information when I registered. Can I edit it? »

Can I complete the program in any order I want? »

What happens if I exit a module without completing it? »

How many hours does it take to finish teenSMART? »


I lost my certificate. How can I get a new copy? »

Can I go straight to the certification test? »

How many times can I take the certification test? »

How will I know that I have passed the certification test? »

How do I send my certification test results to ADEPT Driver? »

When will I get my certificate of completion from ADEPT Driver? »


I am having trouble downloading teenSMART. »

I start teenSMART, but the program cannot connect to the Internet. »

I try to sign in, but receive a message telling me that the Student ID cannot be found or confirmed. »

I try to sign in, but the spinning wheel just stays there OR I try to sign in, but the program tells me to check my Internet connection. It also tells me that the Internet connection is fine. »

The program does not play well on my computer and the video is very jerky. »


What is ADEPT Driver's refund policy? »

End of Support

How long will older versions of teenSMART be supported? »

What is the schedule for End of Support for versions of teenSMART? »

If I have an old version of teenSMART, can I still use it? »

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